The cloud platform for development, management and remote usage of intelligent cloud services


  • ontologies, knowledge bases, databases
    • semantic network based data representation
    • explicit separation of ontologies from knowledge bases and databases for their reuse
    • mechanisms for linking different ontologies, knowledge bases, databases and their fragments
    • intuitive ontology editor with two types of user interfaces
    • automatic generation of specialized database editors and knowledge base editors based on their ontologies
    • integrated ontologies and knowledge bases
    • exporting ontologies into text format
    • exporting knowledge bases and databases into JSON format
  • intelletual problem solvers
    • agent-oriented approach
    • declarative specification language
    • generation of source code of components from their specifications
  • specialized shells for hybrid intellectual services
  • hybrid intellectual services
  • specialized shells for hybrid intellectual and application services for multiple technologies
    • base technology for developing artibrary services
    • specialized development technologies for constructing services of specific classes
  • new technologies and tools for developing specialized shells for intelligent and application services
  • thematic knowledge portals

Flexible Management System

  • knowledge base and database management
  • shared access to resources
  • private offices, private office as a storage


  • application services
  • component libraries, agents, ontologies, system and toolkit services
  • knowledge bases, databases, archives